eMarketing is about putting your website on the digital map, the Internet. Making it visible where it matters. Bringing in the right traffic that counts. Why is it important? Simply put, the Internet is now the dominant force in marketing. It doesn’t matter if you are a bricks and mortar or purely online business, eMarketing is redefining how businesses reach out to their customers.

Holistic Approach

We believe that the best eMarketing practices does not just focus on SEO or SEM. We take a holistic approach that delivery quality contents to the targeted audience. Our eMarketing package includes:

Keyword Research

Isolate relevant keywords according to your target market.

Social Integration

Track and manage your social bookmarks. Build your social presence.

Developing Unique Multimedia Contents

Generate unique contents that boast your site viewership.

Electronic Direct Mailer

Prepare and post professional EDM to your mailing list(s).

Continual Assessments & Optimisation

Continuously monitor, analyze and optimize your marketing configuration.

Marketing Consultancy

Provide a holistic marketing service by working with you to layout your marketing plans.


  • Ultimate
    frm. $1,275/mth
    Full-featured with the ultimate reach.
  • SEO 24 Keywords
  • Social Marketing Management
  • Up to 15000 EDM Subscribers
  • 6 Multimedia Content/mth
  • more...
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Before & After

eMarketing provides various compelling advantages over other channel of marketings.

  • It has global reach shall your business requires it.
  • It delivers two-way interactivity.
  • It able to provide near real-time business intelligent feedback.
  • It is targeted.

With the correct approach you can harness these advantages and generate new growth for your businesses as well.